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2012 National Tournament


Sanbon Shobu non-contact kumite:
U10: Jack Robertson 3rd
U14 Female: Chloe Brain 3rd
U14 Male: Liam van Urk 1st
U16 Male: Brodie Brain 1st

16&under: Brodie Brain 3rd

Brodie Brain
Brodie Brain, U16 National non-contact kumite champion.


Sanbon Shobu non-contact kumite:
Alpine Dojo 3rd
(Liam Hines fought for Diamond Creek Dojo: 1st)

Kata Under 16:
Alpine Dojo 2nd

Liam Hines
Liam Hines helps Diamond Creek dojo to win the Teams Sanbon Shobu tournament.

Alpine Dojo Tournament 2012

Division 1: Darrel Salter 1st, Louey Cavallaro 2nd
Division 2: Porter Mattinson 1st, Aaron Gungl 2nd

Sanbon Shobu Non-Contact Kumite:
Div A: Fred Gungl 1st, Matt Hines 2nd
Div B: Porter Mattinson 1st, Liam van Urk 2nd
Div C: Liam Hines 1st, Briana Hines 2nd
Div D: Will Kemp 1st, Nathan Caponecchia 2nd

Fastest Kick:
Benson Martin 1st, Rhye McCormack 2nd

5-9 Class Technical Awards:
Maddie Hewitt 1st, Lachlan Forbes 2nd

Victorian Tournament 2012

Non-Contact Kumite:
U14 Girls: Chloe Brain 2nd
U14 Boys: Liam van Urk 2nd
U16 Boys: Brodie Brain 1st

Alpine Dojo Kyokushin Spirit Awards 2012

Senior Class: Matt Hines
Junior Class: Aaron Gungl
5-9 Class: Lachlan Foley


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