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our instructors

Our Head Instructor Shihan Geoff Miller: was promoted to 5th Dan in October 2023. Shihan Geoff has continued to be actively involved at all levels. He is currently the WKO South Pacific Anti-doping Committee representative, and has officiated at a number of International events. He is joined by Sensei Sue Texler: a 3rd Dan black belt with more than 20 years of Kyokushin karate training, and the first student to train from beginner to black belt at the Alpine Dojo. Her passion for ‘all things karate’ plus a love of teaching, give Alpine Dojo students every opportunity to reach their potential. Assisting the team is Sempai April Moran. Sempai April won selection and represented Australia at the 13th WKO World Championships in the Kata division, held in Tokyo in October 2023. Sempai April graded to 2nd Dan in November 2023.

Alpine Dojo instructors

History was created on 24/11/18 when Natalie Texler gained her 1st Dan Black Belt during the National Camp at AIS Canberra. As a black belt, Natalie joins her mother Sensei Sue, and her sister Anneliese Knight, who gained her belt in 2013. This is the first time a mother and 2 daughters have all achieved black belts in Kyokushin throughout Australia.

Anna Natalie Sue